Opera co-creation for a social transformation. TRACTION, the new concept to revolutionize Opera

September 16th 2021

Combining the efforts of nine participants from five different European countries with collective expertise in research, business, art and social perspectives, TRACTION was launched in January 2020.

With such a bold new project on the horizon, it was a shock to all when shortly after its launch, the COVID pandemic gripped the globe, causing disruption to people and industries all over the world. In such uneasy times and with millions suddenly stuck indoors, art and entertainment kept many of us going as a sense of the need to connect was felt by all. The accelerated leap in digitalisation that followed paved the way for redefined formats for artistic expression.

Inequality is the defining issue of our time, more prominent than ever during the pandemic; which highlighted the chasm of social, economic and digital inequality experienced by so many. Traction seeks to revolutionise opera – one of Europe’s most traditional art forms – for the 21st century, by providing a bridge between opera professionals and specific communities at risk of exclusion.

Based on three community opera trials, understood as experimental attempts to start a community dialogue between diverse individuals and collectives, Traction offers a platform to overcome inequality in Europe using opera and cutting edge technology as a vehicle for social inclusion.