The TRACTION consortium

was carefully constructed and consists of nine participants from five different countries (ES, PT, NL, IE, UK) who gather all the necessary background and expertise to achieve the objectives of the project. In order to ensure that the value of the outcomes of the project is optimised, this symbiosis of research, business, art and social perspective allows the project to be of direct relevance to the public. The consortium includes

  • Two opera companies: LICEU, the opera house located in Barcelona, and INO, the Irish National Opera company located in Dublin.
  • Art school: SAMP, located in Leiria (Portugal), has a great background in co-design and co-creation operas and other art representations with inmates at prisons, people with mental diseases, people dying, etc.
  • Immersive 360-degree content producer: VRI are experts in offering a range of services in the exciting new cutting-edge technologies of VR, AR & 360-degree video experiences.
  • Community and participatory art: François Matarasso (FM) is internationally recognised for his contributions to community and participatory art approaches.
  • Technology-driven research institutes: VICOM and CWI as research centres, will supply the toolset with all the technological mechanisms and algorithms, researching in advanced functionality blocks that will empower and foster an efficient community dialogue and participatory approaches.
  • Technology-driven university: DCU will also conduct research in the area related to the TRACTION toolset.
  • Academic partner for a human-driven perspective: UAB will contribute with a community-centric methodology for an efficient and measurable community dialogue and co-creation process..