Opera co-creation for a social transformation

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The main objectives of TRACTION are as follows

pictogram of a brain symbolizing new ideas

To use new ideas of co-creation and participatory art to involve citizens in the creative process of opera.

pictogram of a raised fist symbolizing empowerment

To empower people and communities in three trials: inner-city Barcelona, a youth prison in Leiria and rural communities in Ireland.

pictogram of a person with virtual reality glasses

To embrace new technologies in order to establish an effective participatory production workflow and to explore novel audio-visual art representation formats.

pictogram symbolizing the relationship between opera and technology

To provoke an impact on the relationship between opera and digital technology.

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How technology will contribute to TRACTION

March 30th, 2020|0 Comments

How technology will contribute to TRACTION According to writer, speaker and consultant Steven Johnson[1] - a specialist in behavioural change, sustainability, and social innovation - “digital technology is creating unprecedented opportunities [...]

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