Opera co-creation for a social transformation

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The main objectives of TRACTION were as follows

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To use new ideas of co-creation and participatory art to involve citizens in the creative process of opera.

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To empower people and communities in three trials: inner-city Barcelona, a youth prison in Leiria and rural communities in Ireland.

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To embrace new technologies in order to establish an effective participatory production workflow and to explore novel audio-visual art representation formats.

pictogram symbolizing the relationship between opera and technology

To provoke an impact on the relationship between opera and digital technology.

Exploratory Operas

La Gata Perduda/The Lost Cat

Community opera co-created with 300 local residents from Raval

Liceu Opera Barcelona |Barcelona, Catalonia

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O Tempo (Somós Nós) /Time (As we are)

Community opera co-created with a youth prison community in Leiria

Sociedade Artística Musical dos Pousos | Leiria, Portugal

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Out of the Ordinary /As a nGnách

The world’s first opera in Virtual Reality co-created with rural communities

Irish National opera | Ireland

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