TransMedia Catalonia present TRACTION for

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020

The Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an event that takes place every year all around the world and aims at raising awareness about the importance of digital accessibility for a more inclusive society. The 9th Annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day will take place as scheduled on the third Thursday of May, May 21st, 2020.

TransMedia Catalonia is an interdisciplinary research group created by Dr Pilar Orero at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), one of the nine international Traction project partners. TransMedia Catalonia specializes in research into audiovisual translation (dubbing, subtitling, voice-over, etc.) and media accessibility (subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, respeaking, audio description, audio subtitling, sign language) in various genres, platforms and supports. After an initial period devoted to descriptive research, its focus is now on user testing and technological implementation.

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To celebrate GAAD in previous years, TransMedia Catalonia opened the doors of their lab to the public to allow them to test a range of assistive technologies. Due to the exceptional circumstances brought about this year by COVID-19, the research group have contributed to GAAD online, presenting their many ongoing projects in the form of accessible videos, recorded from their workspaces at home.

Researchers at TransMedia and members of the Traction consortium Susannah Fraser and Mar Brescia Zapata present TRACTION in this short video which includes subtitles and integrated audio description.

To find out more about TransMedia Catalonia’s other projects, you can view the full playlist of videos created for GAAD 2020 on the TransMedia Catalonia YouTube channel or visit their website.

The video can also be viewed at the open access UAB digital asses repository here: