TRACTION meets with La Fura dels Baus

Online presentation – 3rd December 2020

On December 3rd 2020, Project Coordinator Mikel Zorrilla (VICOMTECH) presented the TRACTION tools to La Fura dels Baus theatre company, in light of a possible collaboration.

Also in attendance to the meeting was project partner and accessibility expert Pilar Orero (UAB), to give perspective on the possible avenues for accessibility the potential collaboration would entail.

The Catalan theatre company is known for their reconceptualization of the stage through elaborate large-scale performances held in unconventional spaces, incorporating dazzling vsual elements and technology. Having toured the world staging interactive performances, they are no strangers to co-creation, with a reputation for activating the public and breaking the “fourth wall”.

A short video of the large-scale productions staged by LA Fura dels Baus.