Inauguration of the Mozart Pavilion using the Co-creation Stage

26th April 2021

On January 8th 2021, the doors to the Mozart Pavilion – Centre for Performing Arts, opened for the first time in the Estabelecimento Prisional de Leiria – Jovens (EPL-J). The event marked a momentous occasion for our partners SAMP, who have who have been working throughout the pandemic to bring music to the lives of the inmates through the co-creation of a Traction Community Opera.

Transforming lives through Art combined with Technology, the centre will serve as a rehearsal space for the remainder of the activities for the Traction community opera. SAMP, alongside family and friends and other stakeholders, will manage the space, together with the young people of the EPL-J. The goal is for it to eventually become a Centre for performing arts with permanent shows, open not only to inmates inside the prison, but also to the community itself.

Due to the progress of the TRACTION technology, the Co-creation Stage tool was used to enable a real-time performance across 3 separate locations.

The following video shows highlights from this special event and perfectly captures the spirit and objectives of the Traction project; demonstrating the first experiments using the Co-creation Stage tool on top of a work-in-progress version, which is being developed iteratively in the project.