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Co-creating a Virtual Reality Opera

Co-creating a Virtual Reality Opera Camille Donegan – 30th September 2021 A participant playing a VR experience with a VR headset and controllers. In-person co-creation workshops began on 19th August 2021. It was remarkable after 18 months of not being able to be face-to-face with people, to feel [...]


Learning by doing François Matarasso - Thursday July 22nd 2021 Photograph by Joaquim Dâmaso - SAMP Opera and digital technology both begin as code, lines of complicated figures that seem alien to non-professionals, like Egyptian hieroglyphs. But the arcane languages used by composers and software engineers to develop their [...]

€50,000 Fedora Digital Prize awarded to…

€50,000 Fedora Digital Prize awarded to… Irish National Opera’s Out of the Ordinary a new, virtual reality community opera, for performance in 2022.   Irish National Opera’s virtual reality community opera Out of the Ordinary has been selected as the winner of this year’s coveted Fedora Digital Prize. Peter [...]

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