You are invited to join us for…

You are kindly invited to join us for “Connections”, a live online opera show organised by the Insight and Performance Engineering Lab at Dublin City University on February 3rd, 2022, at 11.00 am (Irish Time) .

The show is with artistic support from the Irish National Opera (a leading opera production company from Dublin, Ireland) and SAMP (an independent music school from Leiria, Portugal). The event will focus on the artistic connections between people, irrespective of distance, enabled by technology. This event will also serve as an experiment, so DCU can test the new live adaptation algorithm they have designed for the TRACTION technology, to assess how it will impact on quality of experience for viewers when watching live artistic performances.

We will have following live performances from remote locations during the show:

  • “Canção Triste”by António Fragoso – performed by Carolina van Halderen (soprano) and Yumiko Ishizuka (piano)
  • “Gretchen am Spinnrade”by Franz Schubert – performed by Sharon Carty (mezzo-soprano), Richard McGrath (pianist)
  • “Canção da Fiandeira”by António Fragoso – performed by Carolina van Halderen (soprano), Yumiko Ishizuka (piano) and Inesa Markava (dancer)
  • “Che faro senza Euridice”Christoph Wilbald Gluck – performed by Sharon Carty (mezzo-soprano), Richard McGrath (pianist), Stephanie Dufresne (dancer)

“Connections” will take place online, live, and is expected to take about 40 minutes. As this is a live artistic event, the audience presence 5 minutes ahead of time is kindly requested. As it is a live artistic event, a strictly limited number of places are available and spaces are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

Register here to secure your space!

What to expect

Once you have registered successfully, you will be provided with a participant code (to ensure your anonymity) and a consent form (to follow ethical requirements). You will need your participant code in order to participate in the experiment and complete the form. You will then be provided with an event invitation which will include the link for the show.

A Demographics Questionnaire will be provided to participants before the start of the show. Each participant will be invited to fill in a brief Quality of Experience Questionnaire after each performance. This will help in the assessment of the algorithm and the impact it hason the perceived quality of experience of live viewers.

Aside from the questionnaires, the tool used in this experiment collects some quality-related delivery data while the participant is watching the videos. This data will be stored in a local server at DCU, will be analyzed and visualized in an aggregate form and no individual information will be linked to the participants.

We look forward to you joining us,