TRACTION Pre-recorded Content Adaptation

TRACTION Pre-recorded Content Adaptation Mohammed Amine Togou, Anderson Simiscuka, Rohit Verma, Noel E. O’Connor and Gabriel-Miro Muntean – 1st December 2021 Since the emergence of COVID-19, many opera houses have been temporarily shut down, pushing artists and artistic institutions to move their activities online to survive. This situation has contributed to the growth of digital art, where artists use new or customisable technological tools that enable them to collaborate remotely to produce captivating performances. These plays are recorded in the highest audio and video quality and are [...]


Preparing for the ‘La Gata Perduda’ showcase at Liceu

Preparing for the ‘La Gata Perduda’ showcase at Liceu Susannah Fraser (UAB) -  5th November 2021 In October 2021, our technical partners Centrum Wiskunde (CWI) made their way from Amsterdam to meet with members of Vicomtech and UAB at Liceu opera house Barcelona ahead of the ‘La Gata Perduda’ (The Lost Cat) community opera showcase, due to take place in the grand foyer of Liceu on March 19th 2022. The leaders of Work Package 2 made their way to Liceu to prepare for the implementation of [...]


TRACTION at VR Days Europe 2021

TRACTION at VR Days Europe 2021 4th November 2021 The TRACTION project will be presenting their work at the 7th edition of VR Days Europe conference which will take place in Amsterdam, during November 13-17, 2021. Though the event will take place both face-to-face and online, we will participate in the online Virtual World of the VR Days. The online event will consist of 10-minute presentations (and some extra time for questions and answers) between the 15th and 17th of November, and our slots are [...]


Co-creating a Virtual Reality Opera

Co-creating a Virtual Reality Opera Camille Donegan – 30th September 2021 A participant playing a VR experience with a VR headset and controllers. In-person co-creation workshops began on 19th August 2021. It was remarkable after 18 months of not being able to be face-to-face with people, to feel the energy of a collective again. A key part of these workshops with the community was to bring the participants through the possibilities of virtual reality and the unique storytelling attributes inherent with the medium. On that first [...]


Opera co-creation for a social transformation. TRACTION, the new concept to revolutionize Opera

Opera co-creation for a social transformation. TRACTION, the new concept to revolutionize Opera September 16th 2021 Combining the efforts of nine participants from five different European countries with collective expertise in research, business, art and social perspectives, TRACTION was launched in January 2020. With such a bold new project on the horizon, it was a shock to all when shortly after its launch, the COVID pandemic gripped the globe, causing disruption to people and industries all over the world. In such uneasy times and with [...]



Learning by doing François Matarasso - Thursday July 22nd 2021 Photograph by Joaquim Dâmaso - SAMP Opera and digital technology both begin as code, lines of complicated figures that seem alien to non-professionals, like Egyptian hieroglyphs. But the arcane languages used by composers and software engineers to develop their ideas are not the point of their work. They are only the means by which these professionals work towards their goals—goals that remain lifeless until they can be tested in human experience. The work is validated only when [...]


€50,000 Fedora Digital Prize awarded to…

€50,000 Fedora Digital Prize awarded to… Irish National Opera’s Out of the Ordinary a new, virtual reality community opera, for performance in 2022.   Irish National Opera’s virtual reality community opera Out of the Ordinary has been selected as the winner of this year’s coveted Fedora Digital Prize. Peter Maniura, Director of the IMZ Academy and Chair of the Digital Jury, said “The jury was very impressed by the high quality and imagination of the project led by Irish National Opera, and its ambition to redefine community [...]


Open Pilot of the Co-creation Space with the Irish National Opera (INO)

Open Pilot of the Co-creation Space with the Irish National Opera (INO) Alina Striner (CWI), James Bingham (INO) - June 11th, 2021 A song by an open pilot participant made entirely from sounds created by objects, uploaded to the Co-creation Space, formerly known as the ‘Mediavault’. Opera as an art form spans several centuries of culture and language. While rich in tradition, contemporary opera companies struggle to convey their relevance to modern audiences, and to overcome preconceptions of the form as overly expensive, stuffy, and unwelcoming. [...]


Sinia Occupational Centre and Massana Design School create artwork for “The Lost Cat”

Sinia Occupational Centre and Massana Design School create artwork for “The Lost Cat” 31st of May 2021 Poster for "The Lost Cat", co-created by Sínia and Massana Between October 2020 and May 2021 Liceu Opera Barcelona have been working to initiate an artistic collaboration between students form the Massana Design School Barcelona and creatives from the Sinia Occupational centre to co-design artwork for the poster campaign of the Traction community opera “The Lost Cat”, based on the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. In the central avenue of [...]


OPERA IN A PRISON – with TRACTION technology

OPERA IN A PRISON – with TRACTION technology May 26th 2021 Mozart Pavilion Project - Performance “Só Zerlina ou Cosi fan Tutte?”.  Grand Auditorium of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, July 2018. Integrating former inmates back into society is one of the most significant challenges faced in the entirety of the prison system, especially when it comes to young offenders. Leiria has two prisons, one of which is the only one of its kind in Portugal, as it houses young people aged between 16 and 25. The circumstances [...]

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